Two Books by Pyotr Patrushev

Now Available 
from Leaf Garden Press
in association with Peganum Books 

In association with Peganum Books, Leaf Garden Press is proud to simultaneously present two books from the same author. From the late Pyotr Patrushev comes two extremely insightful volumes. 

First, The Transcendent Ape, a study of evolution and the human condition.

Second, Buddha's Balalaika, a collection of his humorous satire, essays, reflection on life in Russia, and his poetry all in one place.

For those unfamiliar with Pyotr, I strongly recommend introducing yourself by watching a short documentary series about his swim from the Soviet Union to Turkey in search of his freedom. 

The Man Who Swam From Russia:

And of course, pick up these books and Project Nirvana: How The War On Drugs Was Wona novel published by Leaf Garden Press a few years back.

Learn more about Pyotr Patrushev, his work, and his life at 

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