Submission Guidelines

Not Seeking Submissions

In an effort to catch up with the books I have in queue for publication and the manuscripts currently awaiting responses, LGP is not actively seeking new submissions for the time being. If you submit anyway, your submission will not be thrown out, but the response time is going to be very slow. For reference, I'm leaving the guidelines intact below. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Previously published material and simultaneous submissions are fine, as long as there are no conflicts with other publishers. If previously published, please let me know during submission.

I ask only for one-time publishing rights with the understanding that all LGP titles are intended to be available indefinitely. I do not ask for exclusive publishing rights, and will gladly give a thumbs up should another publisher wish to re-publish any material.

Books are typically published through Kindle, Smashwords, and Amazon CreateSpace. In theory, this means your book will be in print at Amazon (and their extended distribution network) and in eBook format for Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Sony, Smashwords, and more. Smashwords will include a free/name-your-price edition of your book. I may also release a PDF version of your book for free via Scrib'd or Google Docs. 

Books under 24 pages cannot go to print, but will still be considered for digital-only publication.

Publication is the only form of payment. You will receive as many proof copies of the book as required while we're finalizing everything, and you will receive at least one finished contributor copy once the book is published. 

Everything LGP sells is priced at cost or the minimum allowed by the retailers. Any funds received will be used to recoup the costs of maintaining the press. Trust me when I say that the small proceeds I have seen come in from the press have not remotely covered the amount I've paid out of pocket to keep it going over the years. That said, if LGP makes a thousand dollars on your title, I'll reconsider our payment model.

Responses are generally as personal as the cover letter. Response time varies, but querying on a submission is totally fine. Please wait at least a couple weeks to a month before a query. I handle submissions in batches, so sometimes you will get a response in two months, and sometimes it will be a few days.

Send all submissions to Robert at Word documents are preferred. If you have a cover or anything else in mind, feel free to mention it.

Poetry Chapbooks / Collections

Length should be at least 10 poems. Full-length collections will be considered, but they are less likely to get picked up than shorter, more-contained selections. 

As a courtesy to the submitter, it is worth noting that I'm unlikely to accept rhyming poetry or poetry that relies heavily on how it is formatted. You may challenge this, though, as I have been known to reconsider.

Fiction / Creative Non-Fiction

When submitting prose for consideration for publication in book formats, the length needs to be at least 10 pages. As mentioned above, books only go to print formats if they are 24 pages or longer.

For non-fiction, LGP will not publish self-help material (obviously satirical self-help is a different story, though). I'm open minded about publishing well-researched and well-written content about scientific, political (better be really intelligent), environmental, or other societal topics. However, I'm more likely to publish creative non-fiction that stems from personal experiences and crosses over into "entertainment" material.

For fiction, I'm unlikely to publish anything that feels overly formulaic. That means I am unlikely to accept your genre fiction (romance, fantasy, sci-fi, fan fiction, mystery, etc.). I am more likely to publish dark humor, satire, and damn good literary stories than anything else. If you believe your genre work crosses over well, please challenge me on this.

Visual Arts / Photography

I am open to taking a look at your visual art. 

If you are interested in contributing potential cover art, please e-mail me a gallery link. I will let you know that I've received your e-mail. Keep in mind, I won't know if I'm going to use anything until I have a book in need of a cover and discuss your art as a possibility with the author. Still, having your content as a potential source would be extremely helpful.

I am open to the idea of releasing art/photography books, comics, and other visual treats. As with everything else at LGP, this is not a good money-making opportunity, and your willingness to share your art with LGP and authors to create a beautiful book is a sign of good faith that you are on board with art for the sake of art.

Again, please email all submissions and queries to Robert at

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