Ironclad Beta For The Coming PPV by CEE

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Ironclad Beta For The Coming PPV

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American ingenuity, provides a ROYGBIV, the entire bell-space of probability. End result? Utter stasis.  Beating hearts, yearning souls, anxious fight fans, angry citizens, don’t like that at all.

CEE’s latest, Ironclad Beta For The Coming PPV, gives us The Battle Royale of our first Civil War, Monitor vs. Merrimac, iconography from a twain nation, as test run.  Mock-up.  First take and first rehearsal.  What happens when differing equals, unbridled, meet.

The dark and terrible visage of Today’s Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean, portends horrors, but beyond her eyes, 29 representations of vintage postcards—most, The Battle of Hampton Roads, once heralded as “the historical event most often depicted.”  These and others, each set against the punching verse of CEE, provide perspective to the Pay-Per-View of our gathering storm.  Visual antiquity, giving each in turn a thousand words, before the poet, counterpointing, provides his.  Utilizing the most famous stalemate in American history, our object lesson, is “equality”--its elasticity, its puzzle and riddle.  Dealt with, via post-Gilded Age imagery and post-80’s cynicism.  Heraldry, deeply personal, thrown as carnival barker’s opinion…and as future choice.

Unwinnable slaughter, no matter demo, proto, Crash Test Armies, beckons, Three-Card Monte.  Ironclad Beta For The Coming PPV, is a chalk talk of our Past, demonstrating the best-case scenario for the Cold War of Two Americas: an inept, drunken bar fight between 1862 Battlebots.  Colorful, existential, beautiful, snarky, Edwardian and Milleresque.  High drama. A tribute to Fight Night. A cautionary tale.  Jeer and dare.  Poet Knows Best.

In the final throwdown, at the last bell, what stays disaster, is but personal, human restraint. As ever, the poet holds little hope for Man, but presents his analysis, his suggestions, in Ironclad Beta For The Coming PPV, a Special Feature (with Easter eggs!), for our very last Main Event.

“Hey, CEE…are you part of the solution, or part of the problem?”

“I’m part of the problem…but, at least I’ll tell you what The Solution, is.”
—CEE, from “The Language of Imagination”, 2011,

Civil war window (Godzilla, 3/8/1862)

The Merrimac blew the mightiest men o’ war
To tatters, at Hampton Roads
A few hours later,
The Cabinet Room is in flip-out mode
It’s Armageddon, End of Day, End of the World
It’s War of the Worlds, and the Confederates
Own a Martian fighting machine
That could make the Union disappear
In a lot of lights
Richard Burton narrating
As “Forever Autumn” blats sadly,
The Merrimac rearing up all Toho,
Top American sober politicos, all ready go peepee
Disgusting, annoying
Me no get
But, then again,
When I got up on 9/11 and played my messages,
I snorted, erased them, and went back to sleep

‘1’, is the most violent number that you ever are

When comparison gives way to contrast,
Screw what you’ve been fed
That’s when the grapeshot
That’s when Norman Vincent Peale, takes a piss break
And Star Wars and Star Trek fans
Are WWE, faces
“Tastes great!, Less filling!”, an elbow joke to teach
Potatoes or stuffing, an area where a person’s
Very existence is threatened
That’s the Unfriend, nonfriend, in social tickle of faces,
“Who ARE You?!” Other asks Other as anOther
“Asks” being PC for “throwing down, Harley dude”
Diversity, has an Emotional Seating Capacity of  
One (1)
Two (2) 
gods, is intolerable
anOther, from motherboards, is an “opponent”
If It isn’t,
Why isn’t It You?

CEE is an unstable element, which cannot exist outside the laboratory. CEE is human memoir, in the form of manifestos. CEE is a sociopath, who wishes you could love.  CEE is a figment of what you don't know you don't know. He used to be a dream of the dolphin, but the dolphin decided it didn’t like him.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I totally get the "robot"-part! That means, by continually selecting groupthink, we're acting like robots and it's causing us...Harm! OMG! Groupthink, is harmful, as conformity = Mutually Assured Destruction!! OMG!! OMG! Thank you, CEE!!

Robutt B-9 said...

Equality as a given quantity, is in itself poetic, but does not compute. Personal experience with a loving family and a most unloving doctor, has served as object lesson that choice as catalyst, results in culmination, ending in result. As life experience, background, entitlements as bestowed or lack of same, are seldom equal for clinical observation, 'Equality' becomes the stuff of which dreams are made.

That, and The Monitor as designed, was the only logical vessel. I would not ride in a ship smeared in hogfat.

Merry Mac said...

A thinking man's poet. A friend asked me he wondered how many people who bought this, understood it? I said you shouldn't buy things just for the pictures. Or if you do, be satisfied!

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