Project Nirvana: How the War on Drugs Was Won by Pyotr Patrushev

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Project Nirvana:
How the War on Drugs Was Won

a novel
by Pyotr Patrushev

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In the dying days of the Soviet empire, a Russian scientist decides to save the natives of Kamchatka from alcohol-related extinction by replacing vodka with a psychedelic mushroom. This experiment was quickly terminated by the Party. In Project Nirvana, Pyotr Patrushev extrapolates these true events into a plot that is now more relevant than ever.

A kidnapped Indian guru becoming a chess wizard, sexy Russian spy Anna seducing American security expert Richard Snowden, state-controlled drugs enhancing productivity when used with meditation... this and much more provide a practical recipe for reaching world peace while simultaneously ending the futile war on drugs... a satire with cleverly concealed thought memes that will guide social and drug reform world-wide for years to come.

"A wildly imaginative book... amazing tales..."

- Robyn Williams (ABC Radio)

"Patrushev's novel brings together the visions of Orwell and Huxley."

- Michael McGirr (The Sydney Morning Herald)

PYOTR PATRUSHEV worked for the BBC in London and as a science writer in Munich and San Francisco. He published numerous articles in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian and worked for the Australian radio and television.

He is the author of 4 books: Project Nirvana, Sentenced to Death, a memoir about his escape from Russia to Turkey (published in Russia in 2005), The Transcendent Ape (forthcoming from Leaf Garden Press), and Buddha's Balalaika (collected writings 1964-2014). Find him on the web  at


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