Leaf Garden, issue #10

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The tenth issue of Leaf Garden is now available.

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Guest Edited by

Sandy Ellston, Serena Tome, Andrew Fortier, Melanie Huber, and Hala Hoagland


Greg Lamer, Carla Martin-Wood, David McLean, Mike Graczyk, Zoƫ Guilherme, Andrei Guruianu, John Grey, Jackelyn Hoy, John Swain, Felino A. Soriano, Ryan Quinn Flanagan,
Mara Eve Robbins, Margot Brown, Geoffrey Smagacz, Erin Ganaway, Kyle Hemmings, Jon Wesick, George McKim, Thailan When, and Hala Hoagland reviews Felino A. Soriano


Leaf Garden said...

Joseph - I'm totally enamored by McLean's poetry. He's truly one of my favorite contemporaries.

Victoryperfect - No, thank you!

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