About Leaf Garden Press

Leaf Garden Press was founded in 2009 by Robert Louis Henry (that's me) and Melanie Browne. From 2009 to 2012, we published 12 issues of a literature and arts journal/magazine, Leaf Garden. This journal/magazine included both new and seasoned writers and artists, and it aimed to be an outlet where artistic vision comes before any of the other hubbub involved with publishing.

Leaf Garden Press has been blessed with some amazing volunteer staff during the life of the journal. You can find out more about those great folks through the past editors links on the right. Currently, Leaf Garden Press has no staff other than the publisher.

Money, money, money.

Leaf Garden Press is unofficially not-for-profit and currently funded entirely out of my pocket. While this means that I don't get paid, and the authors don't get paid directly from LGP, it also ensures that the material is freely available or extremely low priced. Everything for sale is priced as low as possible, typically including free or name-your-price digital editions. Print copies are priced as low as possibly allowed by Amazon. Kindle editions are priced at $0.99 cents, the lowest amount we're allowed to charge. Each Kindle copy sold results in about $0.35 cents profit, which goes directly back into promoting and maintaining the press. Likewise, any funds from name-your-price editions are considered donations toward promoting books, maintaining our domain name, and other press-related expenses. If you'd like to donate to any of the authors, I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

All print editions are published through the CreateSpace platform (except our first title, Changming Yuan's Chansons of a Chinaman, and the archive of the Leaf Garden literary journal, which are still printed through Lulu). Print sales from Amazon.com typically result in zero profits. Sales from the CreateSpace eStore bring in a small amount to the press, and are much appreciated.

Join the press?

If you want to help, add to your resume, or otherwise offer your volunteer services to the press, I'm open to hear your ideas. I am open to taking on editors/proofreaders.
Been thinking of starting some type of periodical but don't know much about typesetting and all that technical stuff? Leaf Garden Press could possibly be home to that project, which would include my help with formatting and publication.

Interested? Contact Robert Louis Henry at leafgardenpress@gmail.com.

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