Submission Guidelines

Submissions are currently closed.

Thank you for your interest in LGP, but submissions are currently closed. LGP only publishes a small number of books per year and operates with essentially a one-man staff. Rest assure, if you have already submitted, your manuscript is still under consideration.

What to send?

Book manuscripts.

At the moment, I am most interested in chapbook-length manuscripts of poetry, prose, artwork, and interesting smudges. However, longer lengths are still considered.

The minimum page count for printing is 24.

It is worth noting that I am unlikely to accept rhyming poetry or generic genre fiction. You are welcome to challenge me on this if you believe you've expertly (or uniquely) navigated those waters.

I'm probably more interested in your personal passion project than something you believe can be monetized or bring you great notoriety. That is not the intention of LGP.

If you have an idea for the cover(s), you can include this information/art as well.


This isn't the type of publishing venture where you'll get a rejection because you don't follow some rules, but certain things are appreciated:

1. Please attach full manuscripts as Microsoft Word documents. If you MUST send another file format, please contact me first.

2. Cover letters are appreciated, but they don't need to be formal.

Simultaneous submissions...

Completely cool and expected. Please let me know if it is accepted elsewhere.

Response times can vary greatly. Leaf Garden Press does not operate on any set deadlines or schedules. Patience is a virtue when dealing with Leaf Garden Press.

Rights and payments...

Leaf Garden Press is a not-for-profit effort that has operated in the red for almost 10 years. I pay for pretty much everything out of pocket, and the small amount brought in by sales goes back into the domain name, sending out proofs and contributor copies, and the occasional small marketing thing.

You will receive some contributor copies as a token of my appreciation, but you will not be paid otherwise. If your book sells a million copies, we'll work out the details.

LGP does not use any contracts. As such, if you want your book unpublished at any time, it is entirely your choice. You retain complete rights and only offer me (Robert Louis Henry) publishing rights.

Unless you ask to pull it off the LGP shelf, your title will be available indefinitely through print-on-demand and eBook distribution.

What happens after your manuscript is accepted?

You will work with me to proofread, layout, and publish the book in several formats. Your level of participation is up to you, but involvement is definitely appreciated.

Your book will be available for free as a PDF. 

There will be a print version sold on Amazon for the minimum allowed price.

It will be for sale on the Kindle store for $0.99. This is the minimum price allowed.

Smashwords will have several eBook formats for a "name-your-price" option (including "free"). Smashwords also distributes to Apple, Nook, and Kobo at $0.99 cents. 

Authors can place orders for discounted priced prints with me.

Please email any submissions or questions to
Robert at

LAST UPDATED: 02/01/2019

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